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AAA Coaching Program LogoThe Axe Adult Acne program is perfect if you are finding it challenging to make the necessary lifestyle changes in the book and require extra help and support.

In addition, if you are looking to achieve clear skin in a hurry, you are far more likely to achieve results fast with expert one-to-one advice and support along the way.

It might also be the case that your particular situation or circumstances will require special attention, such as testing for heavy metal toxicity, hormone imbalances or intestinal infections. If you do require extra attention or special testing, then the Axe Adult Acne Coaching Program is highly recommended.

If you have followed the Axe Adult Acne program in the e-book to the letter and you still have some level of acne, then you might need more specific advice and guidance.

What’s Included in the Program?

In the program, you’ll receive:

  • A thorough analysis of your health via a series of questionnaires to establish what the causes of your acne are and to devise the best possible plan going forwards for you to be successful.
  • A one-hour initial consultation via telephone or Skype® to clearly determine your goals and core values to help keep you motivated through to the end of the programme to ensure your success.
  • 2 x Metabolic Type® (MT) tests to ensure you know which foods are right for you and in what proportions.
  • 2 x Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to uncover your nutritional mineral status and potential toxic heavy metal status (Is not available in some countries outside of North America and Europe, please contact us before you select this program).
  • A MT Results Session via telephone or Skype® to explain to you how to start your MT plan.
  • Access to the ‘MetabolicMe’ videos to help you understand your metabolic type® to ensure you’re eating right to maximise energy production, cell detoxification and clear skin.
  • 8 x 30 minutes coaching sessions via telephone or Skype® every other week to ensure you fine-tune your MT plan correctly, introduce the right supplements at the right time, overcome blocking factors and to ensure you overcome any challenges that may arise and consult on any lab tests you have done.
  • Advice on other necessary aspects such as goals setting, relaxation techniques, energy building, sleep and other lifestyle factors.
  • Laboratory testing can be carried out for:
    • Food sensitivities (blood sample)
    • Adrenal/Hormonal Panels (saliva)
    • Liver Stress and Free Radical Damage (urine)
    • Intestinal Infections (stool)
    • Environmental Pollution Panel (Urine)
      • Note: lab fees are payable direct to the lab.

Act now!

The program includes a minimum of seven hours of analysis and one-to-one coaching with me. As my hourly rate is $230 (£150) per hour, this program is valued at $1,610 (£1,050).

As a thank you for buying my “Axe Adult Acne” book, I am happy to offer my “Axe Adult Acne 1-2-1 Coaching Program” to you for just $1450 (£950).

Just select the ‘Add to Cart’ button below and follow the payment instructions to secure your place on the “Axe Adult Acne Coaching Program” and work with me one-to-one and finally Axe Your Acne forever!

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