Learn about Leigh Brandon.

From the age of 13, Leigh suffered with severe acne. His acne continued all through his twenties and into his thirties. As a sufferer of acne, Leigh appreciates how psychologically and emotionally debilitating it is. All through school Leigh was teased about his skin. However, this wasn’t the worst period for Leigh. His acne became more of a problem in his adult life, especially when going for jobs or promotions at work and when in relationships.

Leigh is convinced that his acne cost new jobs, promotions and relationships.

There were also times when Leigh would be looking forward to a night out with his friends, but would have such severe acne that he wouldn’t even want his friends to see him him, let alone go out dancing and meeting girls.

Leigh visited his Doctor several times as a teenager and in his twenties and thirties and was given anti-biotics and given advice on cleansers and creams. He was told by his Doctor that, “Acne has nothing to do with diet!” which he later found out to be very wrong. The anti-biotics and the creams he was prescribed actually made his skin worse!

So he went through 18 years of not really wanting to show his face anywhere during the bad days. Leigh used to think that he’d be willing to re-mortgage his house if someone could guarantee results, he was that desperate.

Then, in 2000 Leigh found out about food intolerances and metabolic typing® from Paul Chek, the founder of the CHEK Institute during a lecture at Loughborough University.

The following week, Leigh went to see a Chinese Doctor and was tested for food intolerances. Leigh began a diet avoiding foods he was sensitive to and followed an anti-fungal diet as he had a candida infection. He was also advised to stop using anti-biotics that his Doctor had been prescribing for 18 years!

After two weeks Leigh’s skin cleared up!

Nowadays, his skin is 99% clear and he never has to worry about how his skin is going to look.

Professionally, Leigh has worked in health and fitness since 1996 and have had his own practise in London since 2004. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience to help other adults overcome acne and has been doing so for a number of years.

Leigh is an experienced clinician in the field of holistic health and am a member of The CHEK Institute Faculty and an instructor for the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification. Leigh has also written a number of successful books in the field of exercise science and has presented at a number of health and fitness conferences and conventions around the world.